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the colledges of the admiralties of the Maas and Amsterdam doe use all imaginable endeavours for the hastning out of their new shipps, and however severall obstacles doe interveene which for the good of the land are wished were removed; notwithstanding the said shipps as we are cert&inly informed are soe farr advanced that wee may in a few dayes expect them by the fleete, and yesternight the shipps the Leopard, the 'Trump, the Olive tree, the Charity and the two yaughts, the Lyardorpe *) and the New House, did effectually joyne us.

The present Northeast wind and the preeiousnesse of the time to be employed for the land service doe not only councell but necessitate us to make Southwards towards Goree where by continuance of this good wind wee hope to be to-morrow, having not only advertised the H. M. Deputies in. the Texell of our motion, but further Ordained two galliotts to cruse before the Texell to advertise all shipps coming in or going out which must be by the flagg that they seeke it about Goree and of it at sea, and if any of the three new shipps or all of them come out to conduct them to the fleete, discovering the sea as they passé for their greater security.

In the shipp the Delfland 23 September 1665 by South Camperdowne a league and a halfe from shoare.

R. Huygens, J. de Witt, j. Boeeel. 186. ARLINGTON AAN ALBEMARLE, 4 Oct. 1665 „towards midnight" 2).

The inclosed paper 8) is a part of a letter from de Witt and the other deputies aboard the Dutch fleete which it seemes did not goe into the Texell as we snpposed but were to randezvous at Goree and had.fresh shipps come out to them as the paper tells more particularly, upon which H. M. considers that not only the friggots hee ordered last weeke to goe upon the Holland coast are in danger, but even the fleete itselfe in the Downes or Buoy of the Nore wherever it is, and therefore makes mee dispatch away this messenger to your grace that you may not only by one or two advice vessels by the way of Harwich call the frigotts home, but send the same intelligence to my Lord Sandwich wherever the fleete shall be, that they may be upon their guard or seeke some secure station.

1) Leyerdorp. — Van de andere namen is Trump misverstaan voor de Trouw, en Olive tree een foutieve vertaling van Eyekeboom.

2) Bodleian Library Oxford; ms. Rawlinson A 195, fol. 37. — Uit Sarum. — Arlington overnachtte daar in gezelschap van den Koning die op weg was naar Oxford.

3) Ons n». 185.