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Ypung-Prince Little Unicorn Hare

Spread-Eagle Land of Promise Pro videnee

Fortune; with some others, etc. The fleet consists of three Squadrons, Red, White, and Blew.

219. „AN ACCOUNT OF THE BATTELL between the English and Dutch Fleets, on the li01, 12* and 14th days of June 1666" x).

His Royall Highnesse James Duke of Yorke, having by commission coustituted his cousin Prince Rupert (count Palatine of the Rhine) and George Monck (Duke of Albemarle) to be joynt admiralls of his Majesties fleet for thé expedition of 1666,

On the 20tn of Aprill, they went down in his Majesties Barges on board the Royall Charles then rideing in the Hope.

By the first opportunity they feil down. to the Buoy of the Nore, and having gotten together a fleet of near eighty men of warr, well mann'd, victualled for four months, and every ship supply'd with forty rounds of powder and shott, they sail'd the 2" of June, intending (as was said) for the coast of Holland.

On the 4th or 5tn of the same, sir George Oarteret *) and sir William Coventrye 8) came aboard the Royall Charles, being sent by his Majestie and couneill. Soon after whose comeing, resolutions were taken to send a squadron of ships westward, to meet and fight the Duke de Beaufort the French admirall, who was said to be ready to enter the Channell, in order to the joyning his fleet with that of the Dutch; the French King having some considerable time before undertaken their protection, and declared warr against England in their favour. Our fleet forthwith sail'd into the Downs and there the division was made.

On Tuesday the 8th of June, the Prince *) sail'd out of the Downs

1) All Souls College Oxford; Ms. 256, fol. 136. — Vgl. Cliffords verhaal in Calendar, Dom. Ser. 1665—'66, p. XIX vv.

2) „Treasurer of the Navy" (noot bij het stuk).

3) „Secretary to his Royall Highness" (noot bij het stuk).

4) ,.His Highness Prince Rupert was usually call'd the Prince, and the Duke of Albemarle the Generall" (noot bij het stuk).