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Peter Solomons and one of the Eversons; 4 of our ships are missing and no more. Mine heer Trump was on eight severall ships in the time of the fight. On Tuesday came about 80 of the Sevenwolde's men to prison and then wee heard that there was the Swiftsure, Loyall George, Convertine, Armes of Seotland, which afterwards proved the Essex, the Sevenwolde and Buil, the last sunck comeing into the Texell, and destroyed 30 more. Sir George is putt into a Castle a dayes journey from hence, the place called Lovestine, a very pleasant sweet place as is in the country, and hee is the greatest of our glory, for to take an Admirall is what hath not been often seen. The Captain of the George lyes in our hospitall sick of his wonnds and his master with him, they are on recovery, if his Lieutenant had not been killed hee had not lost his ship, for hee would not, but the people would have Quarter; hee was wounded after the ship was taken aud carryed by force out. The Captain of the Essex lyes at Home, who is also on recovery: some in Rotterdam and some at Delph, but none in Zealand. Here is amongst those that are sick in the hospital Captain Owen Cox's sonne William and now on recovery; the prisoners are all well entertained in all places. But I must desire your answer to one thing, if the King has sent 2 ships with Dutch prisoners to the Turkes and sold them for a great a man, for this is here confidently affirmed.

It is a great evill, as wee say, the King should presse men, and that as they come out of the church, for when the ships were sunke and burnt,'the men were seen to bee in the water in their black clothes and eloaks as they came from church. This story Iassureyou is affirm'd with many oaths. But now you may see how wee can forge. The English gave over their ships so soon as they were boarded, haveing not courage to fight, but now there is one thing that troubles us much, that the English schould burne victory when they were beaten, however wee have endeavoured to outdoe them, for on Wednesday last wee had a thanksgiving much more strickt then any Sunday, and at night so many bonfires as if the citty had been of one entire fire, and because non came from heaven, wee sett them up as high as we could, on the peers of all our churches and all steeples full of lanthornes, and as many pitch barrells burnt as are not to bee numbred. And that you may see our ingenuity to burne our enemies as well as to gett the victory over them, in some places was Monke (one hand black and lame the other, the sword almost out of his hand) sett in a pitcb-tub with a long taile; in others prince Rupert with a taile also; in another place the King and Queen with a nurse and a child; in another the Duke of York (though hee was killd in some mens beleif last fight); in another place the King was made like a dogg with a erowne on his head, and the harpe on one side with strings broke, on the other the rose and thistle weathered,