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ship, hut we hope to be out to morrow morning and we shall not be longe from fighting, for the Dutch are all drawne together. We scout but 26 in the Gunfleet as theire van. Captain Eliot in the Revenge with 11 frigets more and 8 or 9 fire ships goes before, and will certainly remove them if they durst be so hardy to stay, we have great confidence of good issue and we beleive the cheife end of the Dutch fleet fighting us is with an apprehention of being beaten, only they hope in the dispute so to disable us that we shall be forced to our posts to repaire, and in that meane tyme theire East India men and other merchants about by the North will returne, but we make noe doubt neither but to meete with some of them. Will your Lordship excuse me to Mr. Williamson: I have not tyme to write. The Spy is going to Harwich by whom I send this; if the Postmasters neglect theire duty and this come late, will your Lordship see one of them punsih'd and the rest will amend. Mr. Heyes the Prince's Secretary presents his duty to your Lordship; he writes at full to Mr. Williamson, and hath sent a list of the Captains slaine in the last engagement of the Dutch and the losse of ships they sustein'd: 21 of the first and 15 ships; we have it here from a Dutchman that hath served them formerly as a Captain; it may doe will to be put in the gazet and before the second gazet I hope you will have a much better account of theire losse in this engagement, and I hope to be the luckier in it for your Lordships good wishes to me.

The Rupert is now in the Rowling Grounds off Harwich and will certainly joyne with us as we goe by, but with her we can make but 89 men of war, but they are very good ones.

265. PRINS ROBERT AAN KAREL II, 2 Aug. 1666 !).

This is only humbly to take my leave of your Ma.tle and tb assure you that whatever becomes of this business nothing shall be neglected in my particular to shew my zeale for your service; the little shalloppe is come from Harwich who is chrisned Fanfan; the Rupert still an ankor. By thesse inclosed additionall orders your Ma.tie may see that I use my uttmost endevors to follow your instructions. God of heaven give you the prosperity. I wish that your Ma.üe be pleased to pardon this hasty scribling.



In case wee have the wind of the enemy and that the enemy stands

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