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land; de Ruyter's owne ship was much battered in this chase alsoe by our frigates, and if there had been wind enough for our great ships to have got up with him wee had undoubtedly taken him and destroyed most of those with him, but in little wind they sayle better then wee, because they draw less water, and soe this parte of their fleet were preserved by the misfortune of little wind, and alsoe by the whole Squadron's tacking this morning to come in the wake of the Royaü Charles when they were to the leeward, but if they had continued their station, wee had gone round them.

At two of the clocke this day the wind veared round Westward to the N.E. and discovering ships in the offin wee stood towards them, and wee supposed them what they were, the Blew squadron and the remainder of the Dutch. By 8 at night wee discovered both fleets and ours on the weather quarter of their's; wee then tackt to keep between the Dutch and home, and soe stood with them, at 12 at night there being a leeward tide to bring them to us, wee anchored, by three they were drove within shot of the Royall Charles, and all our other ships not anchoring as wee did were drove neer 2 leagues to the leeward of us, and could not possibly come to our rescue in many houres.

, Frlday Aug. &h. — The Dutch had the wind of us and wee had noe company but our 2nd the Fang Fang, the Monmouih ketch and a fireship, and if Tromp had had any courage in him, hee would have taken this advantage upon us, and must of necessity have either torne us to pieces or have made us retreat to our fleet, which I doubt wee should not have done. Our General though alone would scarce in point of honour have turned from a baffled party, and wee were the stouter for that; wee were very confident Sir Jeremy Smith ley with his squadron upon our weather quarter, but when it began to bee lighter wee perceived that mistake, however stood on alone toward the Dutch till by degrees our frigates came up; by this morning wee made againe Sir Jeremy Smith and his fleet, with whom was alsoe Sir Robert Holmes and the Cambridge, the formes receiviug soe much damage in the fight, that shee was forced to draw out of the fleet and repaire, and by that meanes joyned with the Blew squadron. The Blew confesse they made us last night and knew us to bee English by our ketches, however ley by at night by the advice of a pilote on board that Admirall for fear of shoale grouud; but in all probability if they had been chased close, and had kept the enemies weather quarter, wee lying to leeward should between us have destroyed this part of the Hollands fleet. And the wind this morning favouing the enemy by veering Easterly, wee could not with any of our ships get up with them, though wee chased till wee had but 6 fathom water off of the Island of Seaven and they a league within us. And now at 2 of the,