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off pursuit of the enemy, we called a council of Flag-offieers, and whilst they were with us, we discovered some sails N. W. of us, and heard a shooting, which we judged to be Sir Jeremy Smith fighting van Trump and his squadron: whereupon we determined to draw off the fleet, and so endeavour to intercept them before they got into their harbors.

Upon the appearance of these fleets, we found the wind at N. E., they standing right in and we right out, as close as we could lie, and stood up till we could see their squadron, and Sir Jeremy Smith chasing of them; after we came fair up with them, we tacked and stood in the same way that they did, and about twelve a clocke at night came to an anchor, taking part of the leeward tide to draw them upon us, which feil out within a league, as we expected it, but by the morning we perceived Sir Jeremy Smith had lost van Trump in the night, and was new out of sight, so as the wind having varied to the land of the Island of Schawen, towards the Baniarts, and we stood in after them with the Royal Charles, to six fathom water, where now we are expecting what the enemy wile do x).

This is word for word his Highness Prince Rupert, and his Grace the Duke of Albemarle's narrative of this last engagement, their modesty in relating, equalling their valor and conduct in maintaining the fight, the sum of which success, is [that on the 4* the fight began with 'equal numbers, 98 men of war, and 17 fireships on each side; after five hours close fighting, the greatest Body of the enemy bore away towards their own coast; and on the 5**1 that Body was totally broken, and beaten into their Harbors, whither the 6*"1 the rest followed, broken and beaten in the same manner. Our fleet being Masters and keeping the sea, and at this present lying upon their coast, with the loss of one ship onely burnt, out of which the Captain and the men weve saved. And this after the enemy had bragged] *) through the World, that they had blocked up our fleet in the river of Thames, and had brought a land Army with Tools, and all other materials to conquer England, or at least to set it on fire in all parts. [What effectually the enemies loss was, more then is told herein, as well by ships burnt as sunk, of which there can be no prisoners to

1) Hel volgende maakt eveneens deel uit van het gedrukte stuk. Het is afkomstig van Lord Arlington in wiens hand het in S. P. Dom, vol. CLXV, n». 8, voorkomt als „paragraph prepared by Lord Arlington for the Gazelte."

2) In plaats van het tusschen [ ] geplaatste staat bij Lord Arlington: „the enemy's fleete came to fight with equel numbers and was broken and beaten into their owne harbours, after having bragged" (etc).