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moyen d'y remedier, a esté obligé d'escouter le conseil de ceux qni estoient d'advis qne l'on convoquast le parlement, qui a esté effectivement convoqué au 16 aoust prochain. Depuis deux jours l'on a envoyé a la flotte quantité d'eau fraische, dont elle manquoit, et les 12 bruslots que l'on preparoit a Amsterdam doivent estre partis aussy, mais ceux de Botterdam ne sont pas encore prests.

379. RICHARD TYLER AAN PEPYS, 16 Juli 1667 »).

My last wass a post past to your worship; I then gave you a short acount of what past heer that day (and doubt not bat you have had since a fuller relation from a better hand), since which time the enemy have made no farther attempt heer. This morning captain Liddall arrived heer from the West, and affirm they saw last night the beacons on fyer at Soule and AUberrow where the enemy is suposed is landed. This morninge his Royall Highness feryed over with the Lord of Oxford and som gentlemen unto the Suffolke syde: and we hoape in the evening at their return shall have a good account of the resolution and strength of our fforces to receive the enemy. The Westfreizland is caryed up into Mannentry river and our captain and men now orderd to be discharged.

On Tuesday last when the Dutch landed on Suffolke syde, they secured 3 or 4 of our country men and caryed them to their oomanders to bee examined about the strength of Laugerfort, whoe afirnid there wass 60 pieces of ordnanee and 8 or 900 men; they replyd they were lying English Rogues for there was but 10 or 12 guns and 100 men: but they found it too trew for them before night.


Wy sijn met 's lants vloot nu al eenigen tijt in zee geweest en ons al tijt onthouden in ende voor de rivière van Londen alwaar wij met eenige schepen syn geweest in de rivière van Rochester tot voor Sattum 3) toe, ende eerst hebben genomen het eylandt Sappey *) ofte Quinenburgh, en voorts in de rivière van Rochester gebrant de admiraels en vyce admiraels schepen van de witte en blauwe vlagge ende

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3) Chatham.

4) Sheppey.