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July the 12th the wind at N. E. the whole Dutch fleet waighed and stood close aboard the shore and sailled toward Harwich wheare in theire passage they spied Sir Phillip Parkers regiment of the white, fferying over Woodbridge water to follow theire motion, and to prevent that regiment of getting over, the Dutch sent theire boates with gunns in the head of them and sum boys and made good the water that they might not passé over this water being not above 2 milles from the place the Dutch landed at. Soe that our horse being two troups weare fforced to ride to Woodbridge which was 16 milles to come to the place, but the ffootte by 6 a clocke in the affternoone gott over by which time the horsse meet them and on Fillstow Cliffte geathered togeather about 1500 floot and 3 trooups off horse.

July the 12tn, about 11 a clocke ffowrnoon the Dutch appeared in our sight at Harwich, and came in close to shore and about one a clocke they weare with 9 ships in ffight with the fforte the rest ffollowing; in theire passage to the fforte we saw about 45 boates goe ffrom them and two milles from tbe fforte landed aboute 3000 men at tbe bottom of Fillstow Cliffte in a plaine wheare they drew themselues in a boddy with a good stand of pikes; when they weare in this order, they did with a good company get up the hill and lined the hedges and made good the way to the fort on the hill, and at the bottom kept a reserve of about 600 men; the remaineing parte went under the ffavor of the sea baneke to Langard forte and got neare the fforte within pistoll shott, and when they had gott soe neare as they could they fired estreamely with theire small shott one the fforte ffor halfe an howre, but neaver came over the banke at all, though about 4 of theire officers did do it and much urged theire ffollowing them up to the fforte wall, yett they would not, haveing a good banke to ffrind, and all this time the enimy weare about the forte the Dutch shipps weare sillente and did not shoote ffor ffeare off killing theire owne men. This dispute heildd above halfe an howre or more, the fforte by chance haveing in it 900 men, ffor just where the Dutch landed and at the same time Major Holland with 5 companys of the yeallow had orders ffor to marcb ffor Langard fforte, and soe did not attempte a shote one the enimy but ffolowed his order and went to the fforte who was not long in the fforte beffore the enimy came and besett it; this their designe was shrodly layd and yett more sutteller then appeares to us, ffor the 9 shipps not coming into the harbour who weare about the fforte, wee weare masters of the River and soe would not suffer them to appeare on this side the forte. With the Linoxs, Trewlove, Lilley and galliote we ffiered at theire men and galled them yett this was layd by them to prevent, for at the Dutch coming in, the Reare admirall of the 9 shipps which came into the Rowling Grounds came on ground on the reidge and lay an howre and a