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of errors excepted. Your candid and favourable construction pass'd upon my former weake endeavours emboldens mee to comply with your succeeding desires, and though no true Englishman can recollect the unpleasing passadges of the late unhappy tragedy (which speake our losses) without remorse and sorrow, jPU grapple with a fitt of melancholly to auswer your expectation. The Royall Charles with 32 brasse guns in her, and the ünity were taken, tbe Royall James, Loyaü London, Royall Oake, Mathias, Charles the 5th and Sancta Maria, were burnt, the Marmaduhe, 5 fireships, 2 ketches, 1 flyboat and a dogger sunke, the yard att Shiernesse with all that belonged to itt destroyed, the Hulke there burnt, and the Vanguard wee may accompt as lost, since which the Helverson is by a strange misfortune bilged upon one of the racks, and if speedy course bee not taken to gett her off, will inevitably perish there; as to the enemies damadge, hee had 10 fireships burnt, one man of warr disabled and blowne up by themselfes, and one other great ship burnt also by themselfes.

Having thus deepely suffered, wee have beene since employed in strengthening ourselfes, to secure those ships Gods Providence (in putting us into the hands of a very cowardly enemy) left the King in this river, and in order thereunto have made a considerable fortification att Sheernesse, which is already tenable, and hath 30 good guns mounted in itt; wee have two batteries below upner Castle one of 18 the other of 10 guns, both exceeding well placed, one fort in the marsh below the doek of 21 guns, 5 whereof flanke downe the river, 2 small forts att the head of the doek, one of 5 guns within the yard, the other of 8 adjoyning to the mast doek, besides sundry guns planted open, well nigh even with the battery of 10 demy cannon, that lye levell with the water. Below the Castle is placed the boome, which consists of a doublé raft of masts, just behind which is moor'd the chaine, fortified by an 18 inch cable (in which I repose more confidence then in tbe chaine ittselfe), and both suppörted by floats, and stages, so that altogether as itt is now laied, I beleive itt impossibie for any ship or ships to breake through, and conclude no Dutchman will ever have the courage to attempt itt, being so well protected by the gunnes from the Castle and batteryes, whieh are indeed excellent workes; and I well wish wee had beene provided of them att a cheaper rate. This in effect is what wee have suffered and done, in, and since the enemies attack.

396. RICHARD TYLER AAN PEPYS, 27 Aug. 1667 l).

Yesterday on the Suffolke syde and heer in Essex, the new raysed horse and foot were disbanded, and their arms dillivered into his

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