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£ s. d.

It is to be understood that nothing of gunns, powder, shott nor anything belonging to the tower is valued in tbis paper, but that only which concernes the navy.

It was thought convenient to prevent the coming up of the enemy to sink severall vessels at the Mussle Banke, and accordingly there was sunck the:

Dolphin fireshipp which fitted as shee was might

be worth ......... 450 — 0—0

Constant John fitted as aforesaid 600 — 0 — 0

Unicorne fireshipp 600 — 0 — 0

John and Sarah. . 450 — 0 — 0

Barbados Marchant. 600 — 0 — 0

4100—0 — 0

In the shipps last mentioned and those which follow I aime at setting downe the full value supposing the shipps utterly lost, for what was saveable the enemy took away, and it may be a hard undertaking for any man to clear the river to have the wracks for his paines.

£ s. d.

Hind ketch sunck at the same place but waighed againe to repaire her damage will cost 150 — 0 — 0

Edward and Eve ketch sunck there and waighed againe to repaire her damage may likewise cost. . . 150 — 0 — 0

Fortune dogger sunck there and lost worth . . . 200 — 0 —0

Unity after shee cutt loose from the Ness upon the approach of the enemies fireshipps, came up the river and on Wednesday morning was as high as shee could come for the chaine, in time of the engagement there, a Dutch man of warr judged about equall force with herselfe clapt her aboard and tbe men too bastily forsaking her they tooke her and earried her into Holland; such a shipp fitted as shee was might be sold by his Majesty for 900 — 0 -0

Mathias ended her daies between two fireshipps at the chaine after a sharp dispute with the enemies shipps, the shipp was old and almost grown unserviceable, shee had 4 good cables to moare her, herselfe furniture and them may be valued at 800 — 0 — 0

Charles 5 was taken by the enemy in the smoak of some of their fireshipps that attempted her, and what became of her afterward is not certainly knowne, it being questionable whether shee perished at her moarings