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sheet of gold and products of the country as tribute. The envoys were treated according to the preöcribed forms.

„In the year 1372 (=Caka 1294), when the imperial envoy, Ch'ang K'o-ching, came back to China, the king of this country sént an envoy with tribute along with him, bringing back three imperial deerees which they had received from the Yüan dynasty.

„In the year 1375 (== Qaka 1297) they sent tribute again.

„In the year 1377 (= Qaka. 1299) the king Pa-ta-na-pa-na-bu (d. i. Bhatdra prabhu) *) sent envoys with tribute to the imperial court.

„In this country there is a western king and an eastern king, the latter is called Bogindo Bong-kit2) and the former Bu-la-po-bu (d. i. Bhra prabhu)3); both of them sent envoys with tribute, but as their politeness was not sincere, the Emperor ordered them to be detained, and it was only after some time that they were allowed to return.

„In the year 1379 (= Qaka, 1301) the king Pa-ta-na-pa-na-bu (d. i. Bhatdra prabhu) *) sent envoys with tribute, which was repeated next year. Some time before imperial envoys bad been- sent to earry a seal to the king of eastern Sumatra (San-fo-ts'i) 5), and those of Java deluded and killed them; the Emperor was highly incensed and defeined their envoys more that a month, with the intention to punish them, but ultimately they were sent back with a letter to their king, in which he was reproved for what he had done °).

„In the year 1381 (= Qaka 1303) they sent envoys, who brought as tribute 300 black slaves and products of the country. The next year they broüght again black slaves, men and women, to the number of a hundred, eight large pearls and 75.000 catties of pepper."

Bhatdra prabhu dus ook in de Chineesche teksten, als quasi-naam, voor den

aangaande San-fo-ts'i (Palembang): „A large proportion of the people of this country arè surnamed p'u". Volgens de vertalers zou dit piu = bü, afkorting van Arab. abü (vader) zijn. Veeleer is het Indonesische pu, mpu (Cam pó)* gemeend én zoo ook hebben wij hier te doen met een titel gri bhatdra pu, waarachter de naam zou moeten volgen. Aanteekeping van M. Gabriel Ferrand.

■) /V 05 Q 355 l^j Pa-ta-na pa-na-wu (*Ba-da-na ba-na-wu = *Ba-da-ra ba-ra-wu, bhatdrjx prabhu). F.

2) -^jjj Wu-yüan-lao-wah-kie. Het tweede karakter schijnt abusievelijk te zijn toegevoegd. Leest men Wu-lao-wan-kië, dan zou dit kunnen beantwoorden aan *Bu-rao-wan-kie = *Bhra Wah-ye. F.

3) ^ ^ Wu-lao-po-wu (*Bu-rao ba-wu = Bhra prabhu). F.

4) Zie noot %

5) San-bo-tsai [in de eerste editie, verg. bl. 166, noot 9]. De oude naam voor Palembang, het Samboja der Javaansche. teksten, dat iets anders is dan Kamboja. — 'jjjjj Tjï^- San-fots'i- (*Sam-bui-ts'ai, *Sambujay»). F.

6) Over deze alinea zie beneden.