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R. A. Baron van LyndBN, Manager of the Thermophone Co. Ltd.

"Holland—Belgium", Utrecht. J. C. Rijk, Manager of the Utrecht Waterworks Co., Utrecht.


E. M. Alberts, Manager of the"Wood Trading Co.", Norwegian Consul,, Middelburg.

Ch. E. H. Boissevain, Manager of the "Ammoniac Works Ltd.", City

Councillor, Amsterdam. G. W. J. Bruins, former Rector of the Commercial University, Rotterdam. L. P. de Bussy, Manager of the Commercial Museum of the Colonial

Institute, Amsterdam.

G. S. de Clercq, General Secretary of the Industrial Association, Bloemendaal.

W. Fransen, Chairman of the Dutch R. C. Middle-Class Association, Leeuwarden.

J. H. Geertsema, Member of the Board of Directors of the National

Bank Association, Utrecht. E. Gerzon, Member of the Chamber of Commerce, President of the Union

for promoting Dutch Trade abroad, Amsterdam. C. Hoitsema, Manager of the Governmental Mint, City Councillor, Utrecht. B. J. C. Hoyng, Director of the "Delft pottery Works Zuid-Holland",

The Hague.

O. Kamerlingh Onnes, Manager of the Office for Foreign Relations, Amsterdam.

H. Koppel, Chairman of the Dutch Union of Commercial and Industrial Associations of the Middle-Class, City Councillor, The Hague.

H. ter Kuile, Manufacturer, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Enschede.

N. J. Meihuizen, Manufacturer, Veendam.

J. P. Nord Thomson, Manufacturer, Vice-Chairman of the Society for

Exhibition Interests in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Paul Nijgh, President of the Navigation Association, Rotterdam.