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^(ational or International

The first Fair 1917

The second Fair

1918 The third Fair 1919

Utrecht as Fair City

bibitor will show are really manufactured in Holland. fl During the last few months, with the approach of peace, the question has arisen wrhether, aftér the war, that national character shall be maintained. A. difference of opinion, that up to the present time has not yet been decided, has arisen in regard thereto in industrial circles. But it is to be expected that, at somè time or other, the Fair will have to be an international institution; not only thereby will the number of visitors to the Fair increase, but then, and then only, will our Manufacture be able to show, in a comparison with products of foreign competition, that it has really grown up; whilst, moreover, the geographical position of Holland makes her Fairs the supremely right place for an international centre, where foreign industrialists and business men can meet annuaüy to do business, create new relations and improve their business knowledge. q The question when the Fair shall be internatkmalised is at present not yet answerable. Unless the politico-economical situation develops itself in such a mannerthat the maintenance of the national character, still remains a question of necessity, the internationaHsation of the Fair wül.speedily be brought about. fl The First Fair was held between February 26th and March ioth 1917 at Utrecht. This First Fair was opened by the Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce. fl The Second Fair was likewise held at Utrecht, precisely a year later. This Fair began on February 25th and lasted 2 weeks. The Second Fair was opened in person by Her Majesty the Queen. fl The Third Fair will take place between February 24th to March 8th 1919. Utrecht has been again appointed the place for the holding of this Fair. The Third Fair, just as the two preceding ones, will in regard to participation preserve a strictly national character. fl Utrecht was chosen as the home for the Fairs, not only for the fact that the initiative for organising these Fairs came from the citizens of Utrecht, but also for the reason of its exceptionally favourable geographical situation in the middle of the country, and as a junction of rail and waterways and consequently easy of access from all sides. Moreover, Utrecht with its large squares in the heart of the city, was exceptionally suited for the erection of temporary buildings. Utrecht is well khown both at home and abroad as a very considerable