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Commercial Intelligence Department

Fairs, fl At the close of the Second Fair an enquiry was also held among the visitors by means of the organisations of Commerce. fl After the termination of the First Fair, enquiries came continually to hand both from home and abroad concerning the presence at the Fair of certain manufactures and products with a request for the addresses of the Manufacturers. For this purpose it appeared necessary to create an independent department to collect as full particulars as possible respecting the industries participating in the Fair. fl These enquiries for information indicated that people abroad considered the Fair as an Institute assigned for the purpose of rendering help in the creation of business relations between exhibitors and foreign customers — also for the period of the year when the Fair was not being held. And thus, from the foreign propaganda a permanent Commercial Intelligence Department grew up, having for its object the bringing together of the Home Producer and the Foreign Buyer. fl By regular distribution of printed matter, attention is directed abroad to the existènce of the Commercial Intelligence Department, and the success it achieved from the very beginning proves that thereby an existing need is provided for. fl As soon as the Commercial Intelligence Department will have been organised in its entirety, the publisbing of an Export Journal will be immediately considered. fl Notwithstanding its having originated in war times Holland's Annual Industries Fair as a centre of industry and commerce will also in the future contribute to a better appreciation of home industries in foreign countries andto establish a closer relationship between national industry and foreign trade.