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Costs Interior

6 x 13,000 sq. meters viz. 78,000 sq. meters will be disposable, whilst in case the Vredenburg Square will also be occupied by temporary structures, the total area at the disposition of the Fair will amount to 100,000 sq. meters. flThe first building, which will be commenced in February 1919, covers an area of 3000 sq. M. and will contain space for 350 sample rooms and 360 M. for table-spaces, whilst moreover, on the ground floor, it is proposed to have a large restaurant as well as a large hall which can be used for business transactions during the Fair and at other times as a place for meetings. fl The cost of this first building is estimated at 2 nullion florins, of which one half has been subscribed by Home Industry and the other half will be secured from the State by mortgage. The total costs of the 3 buildings will amount to 10,000.000.— florins. fl The point of departure as to the arrangement of the interior of the First Fair Building has been the Floor Plan, whereby attention must be chiefly paid to the grouping of as many sample rooms as possible of like seize (5 M. x 3.20 M.) on the street side, whilst for table-space, room remains round the halls and corridors, fl In the middle of each building the principal staircase has been planned in connection with elevators, fl The floors are all uniform with the exception of the topfloor that only gets üght from the roof and is purposed specially for those trade groups for the exposition of whose articles a special light is judged necessary -textile, earthenware, etc. It is proposed to have 2 expresselevators to the top floor, whereby the largest number of visitors can go straight up to the top floor and come down at their leisure to the lower floors. In this way it will be obviated that the top floor may attract fewer visitors than the lower ones. fl It is proposed to have sample-rooms on one side of the corridors and table spaces on the other; hereby the corridors will obtain a livelier aspect and, as a whole, more exactly the character of a Fair building, fl The arrangement of each of the 3 buildings is planned on the same principle. The ground floor of the middle building, however, is planned as more particularly suited for housing the "Machinery" group; in connection thérewith, space has been planned for 2 entrances to a Machinery Hall which will take in the whole of the ground floor, the glass roofing whereof will be made higher than the roofing of the Halls