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any danger in the closing up of the Eastern Scheldt but rather recognized that certain advantages might result from it.

By this it was proved that the Dutch project had been made in good faith and with due consideration ot the shipping interests.

b) The control over the channel and the mouth of the Western Scheldt.

Secondly the control over the channel of the Western Scheldt is said to be, in its present form, a source ot discontent.

Up till the present however no important complaints have ever been brought to the notice of the Dutch government. Everything necessary in the interest of Antwerp has always been done. It will not be differrent in the case of the works which have become necessary by the natural deterioration during the years of war lt is indeed asked what causes of complaint the foreign-going trade of Antwerp can be supposed to have to day. The very largest vessels find the necessary depth and space.

The Belgians are not badly served. About twenty years ago Dutch skippers demanded in vain some gas-buoys on the Scheldt. They were refused on account of the considerable outlay involved. But very shortly after the Belgian pilot service made a request for gas-buoys.

They were at once furnished in profusion • The Dutch pilots have again and again requested that one of the piers at Terneuzen might be provided with a siren in case of fog. The mixed committee replied that the cost was to high with regard to its utility Yet one may be sure that if Belgium were to express the same desire, it would receive satisfaction without delay.

Would the channel of the river be better, ifitwere under the sole control of the Belgian authorities?