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nroduced fresh difficulties, rrtaking the level at tunes e^eTtoo^ or too high, so that floods are to-day of fr quent occurrence in Limburg. The navigation of 1 Meuse on Dutch territory is becoming increasingly ïffi H On the Belgian Meuse on the other hand, fdl^ni^uLly beLtn Liége frontL, the -^j^ —

of BeTgium towards Limburg, one realizes that Belgium hardly has grounds for complaint, whereas indeed the

^or, Vip said of Dutch Limburg. 'Xe X opent/Ó, ,he XX* century Hol.aud as energeLlly.pressed for .he thorough ™—'° the Meuse a, a natura «^«^£2- in

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common, eacn coimuj hitherto r *u «art «ituated on its territory only. But nitneno

^JTT-rt^^U i. was led f4 TouW encounte, A Dutch-Beïgian —« ° i„quiry in 1906 has heen hamperedh ts

l„h„urs by numerous difficulhes raised on the Belg.an Sr Limburg itseli soon showed its discontent and

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P°T of ^Belgian Government to the above menrCP ^ D^h P oposals. In this reply, dated January

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