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the help of the Prince, and that they expect their fleet will come in, it being of more concern to fortify their land"; — blL 366, 367, 370, 376, brieven van kapt. John Karbrough aan boord van The Prince (366 (20 Juli): „the fleet is in a good condition, riding 14 leagues N. W. from the Vlye"; 367 (25 Juli): „we are with the whole fleet at anchor 14 leageues N. W. from the Vlye. We have had much blowing weather ever since our being here, which has hindered our proceeding further"; 367 (2 Aug.): „we are now with the whole fleet under sail, standing to and fro on the southside of the Dogger Bank,.... it is intended the fleet shall lie hereabouts for some time.. .We have not met with one Hollander since our departure from England. Our fri-

gates are constantly cruising all these seas over We are now in

all 74 ships of war, English and French. Fresh water is much wantod in the fleet and provisions begin to grow short;" 370 (15 Aug.) „the fleet is now 73 sail, men-of-war and fireships together... We are under sail, standing in for Flamborough head... We have taken but one prize since our going out, an East India pink...; the Cambridge and Bristol met with the rest of the Holland East India fleet, but could not do anything to them for weather. They are gone into the Ems. They passed by our fleet and scouts in the bad weather unseen, except by those two"; 376 (31 Aug.): de vloot is ten anker voor Southwold Bay.

Uit het overige gedeelte: bil. 35, 216, 233, 239, 392, 427, 605, 558, 521, 597, berichten van Silas Taylor te Harwich over Holland; — bl. 37, Arlington aan Williamson, Euston Hall *), 21 Oct.: „I forgot to teil you in my last, how cold a letter the King had received from the Prince of Orange 2), not one word to the point. Therefore the King has nothing to do but provide himself as well as he can for the war next year"; — bl. 325 P. du Moulin aan Lord Shaftesbury, den Haag 9 Jan. 1673: is naar Holland gevlucht, „being unable to bring my poor reason so far under as to persuade myself this Dutch war and the allianco with France was agreeable to the interest of England"; hij had Halewijn en Dijkvelt trachten te bezoeken te Hampton Court, en had zich door de vlucht aan vervolging moeten onttrekken. Verzoekt bericht of hij overkomen mag om Shaftesbury in het geheim te ontmoeten; — bl. 428, Robert Seaman, mayor van Harwich, aan Arlington, 24 Jan.: arrestatie van Zas, „as he eays, one of the Council of the Prince of Orange", Marin, „who came over with him, who pretends he came over to buy horses for the Prince of Orange", en Arton, „who pretends he has business with the Lord Chancellor [Shaftesbury], and produces a letter directed to him'*8); -— bl. 506, brieven van Edmund Custis uit Londen aan Thomas Pots en Mr. Kerker, ingezetenen van Vlissingen, 11 Febr. 1673 (aan Pots, den schoonzoon van de Ruyter: „I acknowledge your eivüity to my family in my absence and their perplexity to get away. I enclose my opinion how your town might be made harmiess in these

1) In Suffolk; Arlington's buitengoed. 13 Oct. was hij daarheen vertrokken {Cal. 1672, p. 628).

2) Bij Schotel in B. V. O. nieuwe reeks IV, n°. 12.

3) Den brief van du Moulin. — Voor verdere bijzonderheden over Zas en Arton zie de plaatsen aangehaald in de inleidingen van Cal. 1672—1673 p. XV w. en Oal, 1673 p. XVI—XV11. — De persoon die in de Calendars als „Zas" voorkomt, is Mr. Gerbrand Sas van den Bossche, over wien uitvoerig Hora Siccama's Huygensregister, 613 w. — Over Pierre du Moulin vgl. Miss Barbour's Arlington, 213, en Hora Siccama's Huygens-register, 479.