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for Amsterdam which the people mutyned upon, and stopd, which the burghemasters confirmed by shutting of the boom and charging the boatmen not to depart, soe all was quiet, and leave in pryvatt was given to cary away the goods, but not soe in a hurry. The people of Leyden, Harlem, Dort and Rotterdam have been in the like confusion, and the.mnltytüde of boats came downe out of the country with people and these goodes for safety at Rotterdam, yet not a few Rotterdamers were transporting there goods elsewhere, till the common people rose, and put a stop thereto, which the magistrates allsoe confirmed. To quiet the people, wee have had a troop of horse this day from the Haegh, which onely appeared in the citty, and stood an hower by the exéhange, and soe returned againe, and this day the citty companies have been all in armes, and each company with seaverall cittyzens have wrought for som days in cutting the dyckes to drown the country and makeing battrys on the dyckes to keep out the French, or at least to bring them to good condicons before they com in. Wee have partyes of French above and below Utrecht, tho' their body lyeth higher in the Betu, into which they have forced a pass, ours being too weake in number tho ours fought bravely, in disputeing which pass many feil on both sides, but the great numbers of the French and the Estates' neglect to rayse men in tyme, hath ruyned üs and made the whole country (fleet and all) a prey to the French, who will have a rilch country full of merchants shipps togeather with the whole Dutch fleet, and other materialls for warr, for the reward of his army without fighting, because noe preparations hath been made against him, noe men or few raysed, and the guarissons not halfe manned as hath appeared by seaverall inland townes yeelded up for want of a suffycient number of souldiere in them, as if our onely Consulting Estates projected the spareing of their money, and more then the safety of the country, besides spareing of money som thinck the disgrace of the Prince and his party was designed, as thincking it would greaten or rayse him too much in case hee had an army suffycient to gaign him honnour in repulseing the French, as this country might have done, had due provision been made, but heere seems to be som desyre the French should come in, rather the the Prince and his party be uppermost, the which faction hath nigh ruyned the country which now is like to have an end for the people will beare it noe longer, and for a more generall satisfaction to the people, the Prince is made absolute disposittor of the pattents, and sole commander of the warr, as much "as ever his forefathers ever were, under whose conduct will now be a greater oneUess here, and such an abatement of the other faction^ that wee shall nót be troubled with them as förmerly, and it may be yet preserved from the French, tho with unspeakable trouble and devastation of the country. Amsterdam, Harlem,