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country, and therefore am very sorry it is com to this pass, which nothing but the Estates pride, and faction have brougbt upon them; wee seem to bee much humbled for itt, and wee fast and wee pray often, but I fear when the Red is off from our breeches, wee shall be as bad as before, tho wee promise better things. God amend us, and teach us to lyve better with our neighbors here after.


Ayant résolu de fortifier mon armee navalle des quatre vaisseaux qui sont soubs votre commandement, je vous fais cette lettre pour vous dire que mon intention est qu'aussitost que vous Paurez recue, vous vous rendrez le plus promptement qu'il vous sera possible dans la rivière de Chatan en Angleterre afin d'obéir aux ordres que le sieur comte d'Estrées vice-admiral de France vous donnera de ma part.


It is hard to describe the sad condicion we are here in, every minute wee passé in danger of beeing plundred and murthered by the commonalty who now take liberty to say and do whatever they please without controlle. Dort hath it is sayd resolved to defend itselfto the last, and to that end are going to get the country round under water, and at Rotterdam they would begin to put themselves in some posture of defence, though to little purpose, the discouragement amongst the people being so great that it is thought the first approach of the ennemy will frighten them from all resolucion of defending themselves, Wee are told that the assembly of the States will for the future be held here and that all persons of quality and many other people are removing from the Hague hither; our magistrates have it is said opened the gates in the night and caused several chests with money to be conveyed out, which the people extreamly murmure at. At Rotterdam, Leyden and Delft the commonalty have been extreamly rude and tumultuous, hardly to be kept from offering violence to their magistrates. At Utrecht the women feil upon their burgomaster, plundered his house and very severely handled his person. So that through our confusion at home and the near approach of the ennemy wee know not where to seek for any safety, and what most of all troubles us ïs that wee can only blame ourselves for all the misery wee are like to fall into. Utrecht hath surrendred to his most Christian Majestie who hath as it is sayd likewise taken Amersfort and may now be

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