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even yett those of the government wee yett speak with, .«» not

house of_ «range or ™* . Kned to U8 and long to be

the commom peop e ™ d ft the last day ai0wed by

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whieh ïdeed doe not looke as if they had been made to be granted. And Itfwee doe n0tfind the States are eome to any resolut,on n, the point . ' a messenger jnst now come in from the Pnnccs Army, sayes all is vett will there and the French King at Utrecht.

"They have called away one of their marine regmients from therr

-Wee t^i^^^^^^ ^I^X^^ Zgtr, and Tw^ how heartüy Ï not known, sent to excuse himself to the States from middling further in any businesse.

This and much worse is the condition of these people, by a just and aLost un^rrallelled judgement of God upon the. pnde and selfe confidence.


Tewsday morning at tenue o'clocke. Wee arrived Munday morning before the Bril, about DOone at Mazelande sluce, where wee_founde the who e towne n armes andwithitthenewesofthemakmghu mghness te PrToe li Orange Stateholder. Their warmth was augmented by our arrivabeving us partial to him and that wee came to make peace The Towne wa fall drunke and saluted us with the complemenGod Wesse t^e Eng of England, God blesse the Prince of Orange and God Ifound the States. In the e^^^^^^T^ KWV,. States coaches to the howse where ambassadors are treated. by the fctates coacnes to Monaieur de Wey, who came along

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the most Chrieti.» King wbieh coming jost «pon tbe peoples lorang '^L'wLtLV» « ^'.rr— ft. «et of Ho«„de

1)t R, o., HoUand 189. — Uit den Haag.