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Wies, ships of war, advantages in the East India trade, restitution of the Kings subjects from Surinam, the honour of the flag: in a word such things as might not on the one side totally refute them and throW them into a despaire, and yet on the other sidenecessitate tbeir giving to us cautionarily and by way of security for their performance places with which the treaty soe is wee are to be content. To which wee are to add as a private overture to the Prince of Orange that of making him Soveraigne of all the Seaven Provinces, our partage onely excepted, of which hee shall covenant to us to give his Majesty entire possession when the former point is made good to him, and his most Cbristian Majesty to bee his and our garanty therein; for the obtaining which of him, wee resolve to dispatch away tomorrow to him M.r Germin, S.r Gabriel Sylvius, with M.r Seymour in their company, by whom we purpose to send this dispatch into England, at the same time to lett his Highnesse know that wee give order to our yacht to goe and attend us at Calais, that neither hee nor the States may live in expectation of seing us returne that way, and soe continue in their irresolucons to which their present condition doth too much incline them. On Sunday the army marches toward Boisleduc, dispairing of forcing any of the enemy's posts expressed in our dispatch from the Hague, with which wee are not all displeased, because if noe agreement bee made upon the aforesaid, as much doubt there will not bee, the approach of the French army on that side will facilitate any enterprise H. M. shall think fit to make upon the Brill or any of the places wee pretend to in Zealand, which are strengthned onely by Burgers except two troopes of horse dispersed through the Islands, and not likely to receive any succours from the above mentioned posts, there being an army of fifteen thousand men at least left here to amuse the enemy's troopes under the Marquis de Rochefort. Besides the Lord Halifax who arrived here last night by the way of Zealand assures us there is uil aversion possible towards France and a formal resolution to put themselves into the English hands in case of extremity rather then bee exposed to the danger of falling into theirs, to which if the Prince of Orange will be soe reasonable as to concurer in any degree wee believe the work will not bee hard, the troopes- that goe thither having it in their mouths that they goe to keepe those places for the Prince of Orange, but before this can bee done wee foresee the Dutch fleet must bee disabled if not distroied, of the reasonablenesse of which his Majesty is the best as the properest Judge, who will allsoe bee pleased to see whether it bee more adviseable to attempt the Dutch fleet and those places, or to looke after the Dutch East India fleet which wee still suppose by what wee could informé ourselves from their country passing through it as wee did, is still expeeted home, which if they should