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loose would bee as mortall a wound to their countrey as it would bee a booty of infinite advantage to His Majesty. In the discourse wee have had here with His Majesty and the ministers here wee find them fear lesse the elector of Brandenburg and the Emperor then they doe Spaines declaring themselves in an open way against them which will give countenance and courage to those Princes to stir against them who now lyê still, to prevent which wee have together resolved in our passage the Duke of Buckingham and Lord Arlington to goe to the counte de Monterey and expostulate with him upon his sending ïncessantly tooopes to assist the Dutch, declaring to him that the breach of the Peace betweene the crownes shall lye at his door if hee doe not then thinke fitt to recall all hee hath sent since the thirtieth of the last moneth, and delivering themselves so strongly upon this point that hee will for the future desist from it, wee having soe much reason to believe hee is not authorized therein by his ordres from Spaine, and remembring withall how qualified a succour France gave to Portugall, which never exceeded three thousand foot and twelve hundred horse at the same time. His Majesty is desired not onely to speake as effectually to the Marquis of Fresno upon the same subject as is possible, but allsoe to direct Sir William Godolphin to expostulate with the Queene and Ministers of Spaine upon it, shewing how willingly His Majesty hath dissembled what is past, and how inevitably the war follow betwixt the three Crownes if the succours to Holland bee not moderated as is above expressed. When the enterprise upon the Brill etc. is laid before His Majesty it ought to bee understood that both the King and the Ministers here acknowledge the necessity of their co-operation; occasions under Mons.' de Chamilly about Ardenburg have obliged them to call away from Dunkirk the thousand men left there for the use of His Majesty in such an expedifion, but that in few daies warmng they or the like uumber bee in a readinesse to make good their engagement thereupon, wherein if they should faile the disappointment as towards the Brill or Zealand would not bee great, because wee conceive nothmg can bee soe improper or render the enterprise more difficult then cftrrying any number of French along with them, out of the aversion those people have for them, which will make gaining them bytreaty desperate, and by which there going none but English perhaps as much may be effected as by force in a good conjuncture; also wee forecast that they may probably serve to turne upon our fleet in the absence of our owne land. Mylord Halifax arrived here last mght and will have his audience tomorrow, wherein having performed the compliment of the birth ot Mons.r d'Anjou he will referre himselfe in the other points of his instructions to what hath been sayd by us. His Lordshipp is acquainted with this whole dispatch and shal be so with the whole progresse of our negociation. In all the discourse