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8 or 10.000 inen, and then the businesse is done, for as yet there is no garrison of land soldiers in the Island, the inhabitants (as I told you before) haveing refused to take in Spanish soldiers for their defence.

The Prince of Condé is att Utrecht, and from Cologne by letters of the 2"4 current they write, that every day abondance of wagons and carts with provisions, engins, and ammunition doe dayly goe downe to the Rhyn, all towards the conquerd towns, and severall boats also filled with French souldiers, so that it is verily believed that now suddenly we shall hear of some action that way. And notwithstanding that the whole Province of Holland lyes under water, it seeing the French doe not despair of getting over, they haveing made severall flat great boats with wickers underneath to make them float the easier, capable to hold 300 men a peece. Yesterday landed here att the wharf the regiment of Count Schellart consisting of some 800 men, more or lesse, they haveing been brought out of Holland in 18 boats, and some few days agoe the regiment of M.r Farceau passed here also, all to be sent into the towns here up and down in the country, for the Spaniards have no small jealousies still of the French, for they have not forgot how the French surprised them in the year 1667.

123. „OKDRE DE BATAILLE de la flotte de France jusqu'a sa jonction a celle d'Angleterre. — 11 mai 1673 avec la lettre de M. le vice-amiral"

Le Glorieux.

Le Téméraire.

Le Conquêrant.

Le Terrible, contre-amiral.

Le Sanspareil.

Le Bourbon.



Le Sage.

3 barques.

Brulots du contre-amiral: Ozée, Des Rivaux, Vidau.

Le Vaillant. Le Prëcieux. LInvincible.

1) Bibliothèque da Ministère de Ia Marine. — Ms. 142 n°. 5. — De brief van d'Estrées aan Colbert van 11 Mei 1673 ontbreekt in de Mélanges Colbert en evenzeer in de Archives Nationales (B4, 5).