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le Roy d'Angleterre mesme m'a dit de ce projet, et, aussitost que j'en scaurai le succès, je ne manquerai pas de vous en donner advis et a M. de Seignelay le plus diligeminent qu'il me sera possible.

181. COLBERT AAN D'ÉSTREES, 2 Aug. 1673 «)•

Je suis a présent en grande inquiétude d'apprendre ce qui sera arrivé depuis que la flotte des Roys est en mer, veu qu'il semble que les Hollondois ayent pris résolution de donner un combat; si cela arrivé, je ne doute pas que les vaisseaux du Roy ne confirment par quelque action extraordinaire, et mesme n'augmentent la réputation qu'ils se sont acquise dans les deux premiers combats.


Yesterday about 4 in the afternoon the English fleete with their militia were discovered before the Maes, about 150 in all, endeavouring to make the land; this put the Briell and all the countrey thereabouts in great disorder even as far as the Hagne and this towne, ther being very few souldiers in the Briell or Helvoetsluys; and had not the wind been very high,'t is probable they had landed to our great disadvantage, but this day at least 1600 Burgers from the Hague, Delfe, Leyden, Dort and this town are gone into the Briell and Helvoet, and two regiments of horse and a regiment of dragoons are ordered from Gertruydenbergh to march towards Skeveling to assist the boors who are thereabout to the number of about 3000. About nine this morning the English fleete was seen again near the Hooke of Holland very near the land, so that we every moment expect to hear they are landed. It is said here that this fleet is onely the land men and five men of war and that the Prince with his fleete is towards Ostend, attending the motion of our fleet. All the beacons upon the sea coast were fired last night and fires npon all the steeples and jangliag their bells and drums beating all night to call the countrey in. The boates that are come in this evening say the English are about Skeveling. Ther are come into this town this night from the Hague above 300 families who are fled from thence with their best moveables for fear. Some few persons are said to have been killed upon the strand about Skeveling this day by great shott from the fleete. God send us a speedy peace or else we shall be I fear in a bad condition.

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