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conge'die'e sans entrer dans la Tamise, lorsque les Anglois y entreront pour n'en plus sortir.

Quant aux choses qui regardent la conduitte de M. Martel»), je continue a prendre la liberté' d'en fatiguer M. votre père tout seul.

189. KABEL II AAN PEINS BOBERT, 13 Aug. 1673 9).

Most deare cousin (wee greet you well), having seen a letter from you bearing date the 6* of August to the Earle of Arlington one of our pnncipall secretaries of State wherein there is an account given of the posture wherein the fleet then lay before the Texell, and wherein you desire to know our positivo resolutions in three perticular vizt whether you shall send for the land forces; whether you shall attacque the enemy in the Schonevelt in case they come not out to yon, and whether you shall attend the Dutch Eastindia fleet, and if you gett intelligence of them, in what ports you may attacque them, wee have thought fitt to send you with all speed our distinct thoughts and resolution upon each of them, as likewise what seems toustobeethe best of your game in this conjunctures of our affaires.

As to the first, the reasons you gave us, at our being latelyinthe neet when it set saile, against incumbering it with the land forces, and bazarding a descent at land before the enemy was fought with and worsted att sea, are since grown much stronger by their having had the allarme of itt, and accordingly put themselves into a way of strengthning all the places that may be attacked; towards which the f rench can afford but little ease by diversion, such is the strength of all their posts, and soe great the inundations everywhere These circumstances together with the season of the yeare being further advanced renders such an undertakeing lesse advisable then it was at first.

As to the second you may remember wee directed you positively not to attack the enemy again within their banks without new orders trom us, which direction wee cannot yet thinke fitt to recede from.

As to the third wee cannot judge it expediënt for you to saile with the fleet further in search of the Dutch Eastindia shipps then betweene the Doggerbancke and the Texell, because it would leave our who e coast exposed and even the river of Thames to an enemy suthciently stronge to doe a great deale of mischiefe, and perfectly understanding any advantage that shall be given him; but if the Dutch Eastindia shipps should chance to slipp byyou, weedoeallowe you to follow them with such a number of yours as shall beejudged ntt tor the occasion, either into the river of Elbe, the river of Eems,

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