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That my shipp was in noe condition to maintaine a fight. That when I resolved to change her for the Souvraigne, Haddoc would have persuaded me to stay in the Charles.

That at night when I vrent abord I charged Haddoc to gett our men abord that night; he assurd me he would without faile in the morning, btit this was neglected, and I was faine to cutt wanting seamen to weigh when the ennemy was coming upon us, soe that alle day oure shipp was not in order as it should be.

That Spragge instead of following the artickle to keepe his wind, lay by and like to put us alle into a confusion.

That I knew nothing of Spragg's going into Franee till he was just goeing, and never saw his instruetions; when asked what necessity there was of his goeing att a time he might gett ready his shipp, it was answered it was only to gett a present.

That how greate soe ever my endeavors were to gett Sir Robert Holmes into the fleete, I could not prevaile.

The expediënt I proposed to weare a flagg which comanded shipps opposed to them. When he consented, it was not like the Duke opposing it1).

I was not suffered to make one officer in the fleete. That the first thing his Majesty told me after he had resolved that I should comand the fleet, was he expected I should put it into better method and order, and as soone he had declared his mind to the Duke, I ■)


Munday being the 21* day of August 1673. This morneing at one of the clock, faire weather, the wind at E. B. N. a fine small gale, we stood with our fleet S. B. E.; a little past one of the clock onr fleet tacked and stood to the E. N. E. ward, the wind shifting to the S. E.; at daylight this morning we all phced ourselves in order of battle, being about three leagues from the mouth of the Texell, W. S. W.; wee saw the Dutch fleete abont three leagues to windward of 'us under saile standing to the Northward close by a wind, betweene us and tbeir shore; as the day appeared they came large downe to our

About seven of the clock our generall and all our fleet tacked and stood S. W. B. S. close by a wind in order of battle, the French squadron leading the van, the red squadron in the middle, and the blew

1) Zie over deze plaats onze inleiding.

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