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bruslots pour battre le detachement de Zélande, s'y soit arresté' inutilement avec sa division et celle de M. des Ardents au lieu de revirer sur Ruiter et Tromp qui alloient fondre avec tout le reste de leurs forces sur M. le Prince Robert et sur M. Sprag, ce qui eust esté la défaite ïnfailhble des ennemis s'ils eussent esté enfermés par 20 bons navires que M. d'Estrées avoit au vent. M. le Prince Robert dit qu'il n'en

veut pas da i) li *) Francois; qu'après avoir mis eu

seureté 4 de nos vaisseaux qui sont démastés ils vont retourner aux costes d'Hollande pour y combatre les ennemis ou pour faire voir au moins qu'il est demeuré le maistre de la mer.

203. „A RELATION of the French squadron sent to his Highness Prince Rupert by Monsieur de Martell their Vice-admirall"

The 20* of August the two Heets came in sight of one another over against the Texell, and because they could not be able to begin the fight but very late, his Highness Prince Rupert (although he had the wind) thought fitter to deferre it till next morning, then to want time to finish it, intending to give a full and deciding bataille The fieets kept together all night, during which tyme the wind being changed, the Dntch began to have it faire; whoe not willing to loose that advantage, were seene at breake of day to dispose themselves to fight us; hereupon de Ruyter shewed us an artifice of his: for to make us beleive he would attack us in the same manner he had formerly done (that is to say upon a lyne, keeping his wind), he drew his whole fleete in front, and soe bore downe the wind to ns, who had the van, and were standing close by the wind, and when he was athwart of us, he sent the vice admirall of Zealand with eight men of warr, and three fireships only, to come and fight us, and amuse the whole French squadron, whilst Tromp and he passed on to fall with greater force upon the two other squadrons of our fleete. Monsieur de Martel befng within cannon shott neerer that comanded party then any of the ships of his division, the enemies vice admirall sent five of his party and one fireship to force him backe, whoe to that end fought us two houres together, but finding soe vigorous a resistance that they could not doe it, and that ou the contrary Monsieur de Martel was soe fortunate as to disable one of the enemy's ships the rest were forced to retreate with her for her guard and security, but without effect, for presently they appeared to us to be on fire, which might be caused by some fireballs that were shott into her, during

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2) Bodleian Library, Oxford; Ms. Rawlinson A, 195, fol. 110. - Een onvolledig afschrift komt voor in Britsch Museum, Harley 6845, fol. 162. - Het stuk is naar men xiet, eene bewerking naar (geen letterlijke vertaling van) het vorige nummer