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of an atom, in each possible part of an atom. It follows that He is, Himself, each possible part of an atom, that He is each atom, each molecule, each cell, each body that is built out of them, or of parts of them. He is therefore identical with the Universe.

The ideas of Christ were so brilliant and so immense, that only a very few could understand them. Therefore He said (St. John 16 : 19): "I have yet many things to say unto you. but ye cannot bear them now." — Mankind has been pondering and suffering these 19 centuries towards a better understanding of the world. If we will make up our minds that there is nothing outside of the Universe, and that therefore, God, Universe and Mankind are One, the teachings of Christ become wonderfully clear.

We need not make any useless inquiries about the origin of the Universe. It is Eternal. We can only know it by knowing its Laws. It will not be for us to ask why understanding comes gradually, why immeasurable suffering has exasperated us, why justice has been nothing but a word, why the whole of Mankind had had to wade through endless swamps of misery these thirty thousand years or more.

For long ages Man could not make himself familiar with the idea of a God who is identical with the Universe. The Great Seers who knew Man best, gave him