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not only the laws of civilised States in Christendom are the re verse of what their religion teaches. Not only that most scientific discoveries give the lie to all mystiscism in their religious feelings. But that in the intercourse of civilised States a distinct kind of religion prevails, which is called patriotism; a religion which calls meekness contemptible cowardice; which does not love its enemies, but hates them in the most ferocious manner.

They are, reluctantly, compelled to look upon their religion in one of two ways. — The one is this: The Kingdom of which Christ spoke is, indeed, not of this world. We shall be happy when we are dead, for whilst we live, we can never be anything but miserable. The other is this: What is the use of our so-called religion ? or of any other religion ? Let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may be dead. Religion has never done anything for us except consoling us with fairytales which are so many lies.

Those who believe that they will be happy hereafter, may find consolation in their faith. Who would grudge them it ? Who would be so cruel as to try and bereave them of their mainstay in life ?

The Brotherhood of Men is a fact, and it is believed in by the majority. For it is the only thing which pays ; it has nothing to do with „flabby affability."

Men always wish to be together. That is why as a