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allow a further sweep than Gibraltar and the SuezCanal. On the East and on the South East the Slavs make their presence and their influence feit by their ever-increasing numbers, although these far outpace their intellectual progress. The Germanic race has had to fight invasions from the East from time immemorial. It was their race, which, indeed assistedby the Poles, hemmed the tide of Turkish aggression under the walls of Vienna in 1683. It was their race which first sounded the knell of Turkish ascendency in Europe. But for the victory in 1689 the best part of the continent might have shared the fate of the Balkan States. It is the irony of History, indeed, which makes those who overcame the Turks, their Allies in our time; which makes them Ultra-Turks in Western Europe since the 4th August 1914!

The unfortunate geographical position of the Ger manie States is intimately connected with Germany's political History. Five hundred years ago the German Empire embraced not only the present States of Germany, but it possessed an immense coastline on the North Sea, for it included Holland and Belgium, and this would have made access to the Atlantic much easier. But transatlantic commerce, in those days, scarcely existed. As in antiquity, the known world, for Europeans, lay around the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the North Sea, and the Western coasts. The Empire also included Switzerland, a large part of Austria and of the Baltic provinces. But in our time the