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right through the eventful years of the Franco-German war up to 1877 when Gladstone inaugurated the view that England must go back to the time when the nations looked to her for liberty. — But before that time England, who rid EuropeofFrenchUltra-Militarism, did not, or could not, prevent another power, Germany,to take the place of France. In this way England, by not interfering in 1870, is really responsible for the present war. She is now reversing her policy and, whether she will or no, she is now more European than Europe herself.

England, like other great nations, has not been entirely free from lust of conquest and megalomania. The Boer War proved it. But the liberal successors of Chamberlain restored the lost balance.

Is it correct to say that the British Navy is Ultra-Militarism onthe sea ? The British Navy is not a State within the State as in Germany the Army is. The British Navy obeys the commands of the Cabinet. The German Army has no orders to follow but those of its Chief who is an Autocrat. That Army overrides the councils of civil Government, and puts strategy over International Law. This is the direct cause of Germany's crime against Belgium, against International Law.against Europe,against the civilised world. Even Bismarck, the strong man of the igth century, who, in autocratie Germany, held civil authority higher than the Army liked, could not prevail against the annexation of Alsace-Lorraine which he is said to have streneously opposed.