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helped to throw open to European trade the colossal markets of the Chinese Empire. Neither had Germany been instrumental in throwing Persia, Egypt, or any other independent or semi-independent oriental country open to the trade of the West.

The work, which really meant the White Man's conquest of the world outside Europe, had been accomplished, when the new German Empire appeared on the scene. She found the world's markets ready made, furnished throughout with railways and telegraphs and with all their material resources developed as only the white race can develop them. The work had been accomplished before the "Kultur" of Prussia had had time to assert itself, to materialise in the new German Empire. Germany was not slow to take advantage of this extraordinary combination of favorable circumstances. Her thrifty and industrious population turned out whatever goods the other countries could produce, and her merchants and ships distributed them over all the markets, which all Europe, Germany only excepted, had opened up and created. An enormous increase in prosperity, in material wealth, and in the material Standard of life was the result. Germany,in fact, had entered upon on era of commercial and political greatness which could not butrecallthe grandeur of the days of the Hohenstaufen Empire of 5centuries before.

We have admired Prussia, at the head of Germany, in days of adversity. But try as we may, we cannot admire her in her prosperity.