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speak practically the same Flamish language as the Belgians themselves, stories were heard which speech refuses to repeat and pen to describe, stories which made many a man feel ashamed of his very humanity.... and even truthful Clio herself may refuse to hand them down to posterity and consign them to eternal oblivion, as the walls of an asylum forget the ravings of the lunatics within them.

German enormities in Belgium and in the North of France, according to official reports dealing with sworn statements and proved facts which do not admit of any doubt, have revealed a state of mind in the German Army which we may or may not be charitable enough to call insanity; but which whether it is caused by insanity or by sheer criminal brutality, is extremely dangerous, as it vents itself in a general ferocity which stops at absolutely no cruelty to individuals and at no offense against piety or against the respect for ancient monuments, buildings or any private or public property. "Since anumber of years", says Ibn el Athir, the Persian-Arab Chronicler in his report about the year 1220 "I have been wrestling with the decision, to picture the catastrophe of the Tartar invasion of the lands of Islam. It is too terrific; I would rather not do it. But now I proceed, hesitatingly.... Oh, that my mother had never borne me! Oh, that I might have died before, and been plunged into oblivion.... Numerous friends have urged me to put it on paper, and I have ever wavered, but now I see that no useful