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race, which we cannot fail even today to recognise, are deprived of all admixture of political insight or of the ability to maintain any political organisation before the advent of the Osmanli Turks.... It appears that only under quite unique circumstances, which, later on, must have existed on Indian and Anatolian soil, the Turks are able to arrivé at a state which goes beyond riding and throat-cuttingAnd what has the same author to say of the Osmanli Turks of whose political power we shall probably witness the final collapse ? Scarcely anything more refreshing! Speaking of Western Asia and Egypt under Turkish rule, he says: "Of the great dominions, won by Mohamed the Conqueror and Selim: Asia Minor, Western Armenia, Mesopotomia, Syria, Arabia and Egypt, not a single one, under the sway of the thick-headed Turks whose only aim was extortion and the maintenance of outward order, has ever been able to return to any prosperity at all.... on the contrary, Anatolia, under the Seljuks a thickly populated and well-to-do land, later the cradle of the Osmanli themselves, is nearly a desert today." And so on for several more pages. Could anything be more apt to add intense bittemess and shame to Germany's stupendous tragedy than this relentless indictment of her Ally from the hand of one of the best German authors ?

In denouncing Ultra-Militarism, we will not be misunderstood; for in so doing, we have no intention of denouncing the German nation. It is well, in these