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the matter is different, I admit. Only the British troops are volunteers, at least by far the greatest part of them. Their courage is the real article. Our remarks as to War are not meant for them. Nor for the brave soldiers of France, Belgium or Russia, who in this war, are defending their wives and children against the atrocities of the Barbarians. That is true virility.

We are quite ready to admit that "conspicuous bravery in the field" is a very fine thing indeed, and that a man who has shown such bravery must be respected. But in modern strategy bravery is supplanted by mathematical calculation. Bravery is much less wanted than calculation.

As to the survival of the fittest races, we may inquire as to what has happened in the past, and as to whether fighting races have survived. It is not enough to judge by short episodes of History; we must extend our inquiry over long periods of time. If we go by the short episodes which are covered by some years, we shall find that, in the past, those nations, who attacked their neighbours first, and were better prepared for War than their neighbours, invariably subjugated them in the beginning, after having killed them by thousands and frightened them into submission. But during the process the invaders always lost immense numbers of their own men. Both invaders and invaded lost a far greater number of males than of females. The result was polygamy and to some extent the mixing of races. As the fighting was generally done