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by the men, we are even now still labouring under the delusion that killing other men is "virile", and feeds the "virile" qualities of a race. We should think that saving other men's lives often requires much more "virility" than firing a gun at them or getting a shell to explode a long way off. As the invaders were generally less civilised than the invaded, being necessarily of a more ferocious disposition, they borrowed the civilisation of the subject races and often became so thoroughly mixed with them that hardly a tracé remained of the invaders.

This happened in India and in Persia, when those lands were overrun by the Mongols in the time of Jinghiz Khan in the I3th Century of our era and were partly devastated.

It happened in Europe in the centuries following the reign of Charlemagne, when Europe was invaded and ruined by the Normans, who destroyed, killed and devastated to their hearts' content.

It happened in Western Asia, when it was attacked and conquered by the sudden onslaught of the Arabs.

It happened in Byzantium and in Asia Minor and Egypt, when those countries were invaded by the Turks.

What, broadly speaking, was the outcome of these "militaristic" achievements ? If ever War was "diplomacy carried on by other than diplomatic methods", those wars were.

The Mongols lost their empires either to native