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to leave a surplus for that mental action which creates the great discoveries and inventions that have changed the aspect of life in modern times, and which in future should bring to Mankind the complete mastery over Nature.

And as to other scientific inventions, we think the case for Germany is not much better. We have to consider Germany and Austria together as the Teutonic race, whose total number is little less than 110 millions, and far exceeds the total of England and France together.

Is Germany's record any better with regard to artistic achievements during the time of Ultra-militarism ? Has she led the world in painting, in sculpture ? With regard to the latter, the Siegesallee in Berlin gives an eloquent answer. And as to the former, there is no great German painter known generally outside of Germany other than Böcklin, who, however, was a Swiss. Holland with about one tenth part of the population of Germany, has, during the last 40 or 50 years, produced better painters, many of whom have obtained a worldwide reputation, than all Germania together. As to literature, we may say the same thing regarding Scandinavia and Belgium. The musical world may for many years have regarded Wagner as one of its heroes; but it is no exaggeration to say that by aid of a very clever advertising campaign, and by a good deal of snobbery his reputation may be somewhat over-estimated. Many thousands go to Bay-