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preme Being. They were the great prophets, the founders of religions.

The human mind, as proved by untiring scientific research, covers two regions: conscious and unconscious thought. The former belongs to the individual: matter, come into temporary consciousness, during personal life. The latter belongs to the race, and together with it, to the Universe, to God, and knows not of time nor space. Conscious thought represents one man, unconscious thought represents Mankind, which is God, become conscious, of which each individual is an infinitisimal part, like a drop in an ocean. We find this thought beautifully expressed in a sublime Persian poem, translated by Prof. Browne:

" Beware, say not: He is All-Beautiful,

And we His lovers'. Thou art but the glass,

And He the Face confronting it, which casts

lts image on the mirror. He alone

Is manifest, and thou in truth art hid.

Pure Love, like Beauty, coming but from Him,

Reveals itself in thee. If steadfastly

Thou canst regard, thou wilt at length perceive,

He is the mirror also, He alike

The Treasure and the casket. 'I' and ,Thou'

Have here no place and are but phantasies

Vain and unreal. Silence! for this tale

Is endless, and no eloquence hath power

To speak of Him. 't Is best for us to love.

And suffer silently, being as naught."