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chapter xiii.


The unconscious thought of Mankind will ultimately guide it along the right path. In his unconscious Self Man has known that the Seers were right, that the Moral Laws which they proclaimed were, as far a the life and the destiny of Man are concerned, absolute.

Europe, when it acknowledged the sublime doctrines of Christ as Divine Truths, obeyed her unconscious Self. But she knew, that the time was not ripe for making realities of them. Yet she cherisbed them, in her heart, and upon them in olden days she lavished all her wonderful genius. Whilst the Church admitted that Man was a mixture of Mind and Matter, she allowed the flesh large concessions, as long as it would admit the superiority of the Spirit. Hence the marvellous beauty of the mediaeval churches, where the people paid fervent homage to their spiritual treasures by all the splendour of their artistic genius. The Church had made a magnificent poem of the teachings and the life of Christ and round them her Saints and Sages had entwined all manner of romantic lore, at which the simple hearts of all true believers were gladdened and