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it was fed with fresh knowledge, it asked for more. It asked, in fact, for more than the Church cared to grant. The Church, guided by men, made countless errors. She wished, not only to withhold from Mankind such knowledge as she considered beyond its grasp, fearing that it would make an ill use of it. But she also forbade inquiry into the Mysteries of the Faith. When the Reformation had cleft Christendom asunder, the Church made more errors than before, until at last she returned to her own faith which holds that meekness will inherit the earth; it may be, that the Church of Rome will for ever forget the words: non possumus.

The White Man has been away, in search of unknown lands, in quest of hidden knowledge. He is master of the world; a thousand concealed treasures he has found. But his soul is bleeding from many wounds and yearns for home. The Son of the Church has returned, a grown-up man, of mighty frame; if she will only throw open wide her Gates, he will enter. If not, he will look for a new Home, or perish outside. And then the Church and Western civilisation will perish with him. The Tree of Knowledge which they have planted, will be worshipped by worthier and wiser races, who will know how to use its divine fruit, which only the Wise will taste in all its sweetness. The torch will change hands, but its light will still guide Man to a higher destiny. For he will never lose his faith in the future. He will not look for its foundation