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the Netherlands to anything like the same extent as the Germans have now devastated the Southern Netherlands, now called Belginm.

In other cases the real object of war has been cleverly hidden from view by holding up to the mob some phrase about the nation's duty to Europe, as in the case of France after the revolution, when France posed as the liberator of mankind. The French, the most highly gifted of all European races, had a tremendous surplus of intellect. They devastated a very great many countries and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people of their own and of other nationalities, but intellectually they enriched Europe. That is why the French have never been hated as a nation. Yet their megalomania, even down to 1870, was quite as bad, although not so unfounded, as that of Germany today.

England, on the whole, has been free of megalomania or of sudden attacks of insanity. She has obtained possession of the greatest empire the world has ever seen.in a very gradual way, and in an almost off-hand or absent-minded manner sometimes. The Boer War came as an unpleasant surprise to England's friends in the world, and however unavoidable it may have been, it lowered the moral Standard of the mob. But a very large section of Public Opinion opposed the war and this as well as the generous treatment of South-Africa afterwards saved England in the eyes of the world.

But irrespective of motives or of ends, whether not