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Arbitre of human affairs, can we hope to see this crying injustice put right. If the great War were to bring that day nearer, it would indeed again be proved, that Evil sometimes is the raw material of Good.

Without in the least wishing to deprecate Russia, a country which bravely bears its share in the terrible task of liberating Europe from the Prussian nightmare, and whose soldiers show all the old courage and loyalty which have at all times been their conspicuous virtue, I would yet venture to submit that, first and foremost, the setting up of an in de pendant Poland will be the swe qua non to the well-being of Eastern Europe.

As to Germany, as soon as the sorely tried subjects of the house of Hohenzollem will come to the conclusion that they have been disgracefully deceived by the cruel and shortsighted caste whose rule they have allowed to guide their destinies, we may expect a very great change in the mental attitude of that nation. They will have to understand that German Unity will never bring them the world-empire to which they aspire, but that, on the contrary, it would unavoidably cause renewed conflict in the future; that brute force, by itself, degrades and perverts the nations who make it their idol, and that the weapon which they have turned into a fetish, has struck down those who forged it. They will yet have to learn, that when their historians point to the old Germanic Empire of the Middle Ages as a political ideal which