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must be restored, these learned men have overlooked the immense strength of the Church in those days, and the significant fact, that the Emperor had to divide imperial power with the Pope. Thus, the Empire could not, and did not exist, or exert any power, when it was not held together by that subtle and invisible spiritual force which only a fervent faith in a universal religious belief could maintain; and in endeavouring to replace that faith by another religion. patriotism, supported by the blind force of ultramilitarism, Prussia has set itself an impossible and nefarious task, bound to lead to disaster, and to the perversion of German mentality.

Many Germans, no doubt, would feel greatly offended, if they were told that as a race, the Teutons lack political ability. And yet, when we read their history, we cannot help arriving at that conclusion. After the disruption of the Empire of Charlemagne there has never been any real German political unity as in France or England. The Emperors could not rule without the help of Rome. They needed it against the ambitions of the princely houses who elected them; and the latter welcomed the Reformation, and saved Luther s life, not from any religious sentiment, but chiefly because they knew that they would strengthen their own position in weakening the Spiritual power of Rome. It was the political immaturity of the Germans as a nation, which made them easy victims of the local dynasties before whom they loved to bow their submissive heads.