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with. The populace, fond of the excitingspectacle,in their monotonous daily life, of bands and soldiers marching past, with plenty of plumes and feathers and glittering buttons and prancing horses, will be pleased as of yore. These are points of importance. If we try to place ourselves in the position of men who have made militarism their daily bread, and of all those who are dependant on them, we can well understand that they would not by any means enjoy the prospect of being sent home for good.and of being asked to shift for themselves. The fact is, that militarism, in the whole of Europe, has become an economie factor of great importance, with a degree of intensity which varies with the degree of militarism. Europe, since the days of Napoleon, has been setting up a class of men, worthy men no doubt, who have chosen economie sterility as their calling. They have never produced anything to eat or to wear or to consume or to live in; you cannot, in reason, turn the entire situation upside down without causing a lasting dislocation of social conditions, in letting these large numbers of officers and men loose upon the labour markets.

Apart from all this, the International Army will be a splendid instrument of international education. The soldiers will have to be made acquainted with the countries where they sojourn, they will have to learn foreign languages and literatures, to study artistic and other accomplishments of nations hitherto foreign to