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given mixture of all these qualities together even, nobilities and feudal rights may be quite nice and comfortable. But since, as we think we have proved in the case of Germany, these notions lead or may lead, to organised murder, it is another matter. It will, therefore, be necessary to take measures to prevent undesired developments. This, we think, could be accomplished if the Law were to prohibit commands to be given to titled persons over troops of their own nationality. A Hungarian count, for instance, would be allowed to command a Danish regiment, with all the honours due to him. A Slavonic Baron would be eiigible to a command over a Swiss regiment.

Several authors have pleaded the forming of an International Police (*) .thinking that armies could be abolished, and that the executive power of International Parliament could be entrusted to one or more Neutral Powers. I think these ideas are fundamentally wrong.

In the first place, as already pointed out, standing armies mean vested interests. One might as well try to abolish the church, or the baker. If serious attempts were made to abolish standing armies there would be a tremendous opposition by the vested interests, which, we may be certain, are very influential and powerful in all countries. Moreover, society likes troops. There is no denying it. When the Emperor or the King or the President opens an exhibition or launches a ship, or receives the Chief of another State, troops must line

(') Vide War Obviated by International Police, Martinus Nijhoff 1915-