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the road and present arms, bands must play and reviews must be held. When there is an earthquake or some other catastrophe, troops are required to keep order and to make themselves useful. Your cook likes to spend her sundays with a smart soldier. Young men like the life of a soldier,marching,camping out, riding, fencing etc., and the spirit of order and correctness does them good in more senses than one. If, therefore, we plead the abolishment of standing armies, we must give society a substitute, and an International Army will be far and away the best possible substitute.

Secondly, if one or more Neutral Powers were entrusted with the task of maintaining an International Army, there would be no certainty that some large Power, or a combination of Powers large and small, would not, at a given moment, sweep the International Army away. International treaties and agreements have not the slightest value as long as the majority of States do not combine in the way we have sketched.

As long as the interests of civilised States are looked upon as opposed to each other, a combination will be impossible, and International Law will remain a farce.

The sooner this is recognised, the better; and those States whose mailed fist is the strongest, will have at least a small chance of escaping the total destruction which threatens Europe after another decade or generation, or within the next century at the very latest.