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phantastic dreams of idealists like the Abbé de St. Pierre, who, already in the i8th Century, advocated it.

The International Army is there. Will it be possible for the nations whose armies at present constitute that Force, to evolve a permanent combination, and to persuade several other states to join them ?

The principle of mutual territorial occupation, to which what is recommended in this essay, really amounts, would indeed do away to a very great extent with that sovereignty, which many authorities have held up as the essential attribute of the State, since only the complete exercise of its authority will ensure its liberty of action.

But is that very liberty of action, which has been praised up to the skies, indeed such a priceless treasure as they would have us believe?

The History of Civilisation constitutes an unbroken record of a series of restrictions of individual liberty of action. Only such barbarous and declining wild tribes as those of New Guinea do not know of any restrictions to their individual liberty to murder and rob their neighbours, of no restrictions to the exercise of their vile passions. That is why they are bound to disappear.

It cannot be admitted that States should adhere to a Moral Code, to which honest individuals could not subscribe. That Code, in reality, is made up of a variety of restrictions of individual liberty. Since Man, if he would at all survive as a species, has been forced