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inclined than that of the Potsdam philosophers. Russia will stop being a menace to Germany as soon as Germany recognises Russia as her friend and partner in the work of civilising Europe. Obviously, the Central Powers have the greatest possible interest in a united Europe, as proved by their constant allusions to the "Russian danger".

Holland and Denmark may find it impossible to go so far as to threaten a suspension of relations. But the other Powers would incur no great risk in so doing, and they could very well avail themselves of the international organisation which exists at the Hague, carrying on relations only through the intermedium of the Court of Arbitration.

If the five remaining Powers: The United States, (*) Spain, Roumania, Sweden, andNorway were to decline any other intercourse, even as a result of the abovenamed proposal of the Entente, this would not mean a casus belli. Firstly, there would be no precedent. And to propose to Germany to carry on diplomatic relations only through the International Court of Arbitration could not possibly be construed by that Power as an unfriendiy act.

But it would show Germany the only way to salvation.

I1) And, possibly the great South Americaa Republics.