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To supplement the foregoing Preface 1 I have to add an account of the use of matenal at my disposal, which, owing to the extreme liberality of the lamented Mr. N. Th. Petrovskij, I have been in the occasion to examine. That matenal consisted of remnants of a text of the Saddharmapundarïka discovered in Kashgar, namely an incomplete manuscript containmg about ! of the whole text, and further various fragments from different MSS. of the same work. Unfortunately these fragments added but very httle to the missing parts of the incomplete great manuscript, yet they were valuable in so far as they appeared to represent an identical text barring some insignificant differences, partly clerical errors.

I know from Prof. Lüders in Berlin and Prof. Leumann in Strassburg that a certain number of other fragments of the Saddharmapundarïka, found in Kashgar, are in other hands, especially of Prof. Hoernle in Oxford.' One specimen shown to me appeared to be a leaf wanting in one of the fragments in the collection of Petrovskij; other specimens, however, showed other readings, so that it is quite possible that in Kashgar there was more than one version. Whatever may be brought to light by further investigat'ons, the matter at my disposal I cannot consider but to represent one dass of MSS., the readings of which I denote by O.

The Kashgar text known to me is highly remarkable. It stands wholly apart from the texts in the Nepalese MSS. and so far as a superficial knowledge of some parts of the Chinese versions permits me to judge, likewise rom the latter. It is much more prolix, and in the metrical parts the verses often follow in a different order, but the most striking difference is the language of the prose parts of the text. In that language, in general much resembhng that of the Mahavastu, but without the corruptness of the latter the number of Prakrtisms and wrongly sanskritized expressions, is incomparably greater than in the Nepalese MSS. In order to give an idea of that peculianty I here subjoin a list of terms in the first column with the corresponding of the Nepalese texts in the second.

°- N.

akllasï aklantah

ak?ubh>'a aksobhya

aclntika (»* Gatha) acintiya

1 Viz. of Prof. Bunyiu Naniio.